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  • How does the SQL Server database view the history of executed SQL statements?

    I used the following statement to query, although I found a historical SQL record. SELECT st.text as sql_statement, qs.creation_time as plan_last_compiled, qs.last_execution_time as plan_last_executed, qs.execution_count as plan_executed_count...

  • Sql server in query problem

    the problem now is how to optimize the array of in when there is a large amount of data, or if there is any way to replace in?. a.sid IN ( 93923001, 93922999, 93922997, 93922996, 93922982, 93922963, ...

  • How to assemble statements in exec sp_executesql

    I successfully run the following sql statement to find the ideal data exec sp_executesql N Select * FROM FC_Repair WHERE F_RepairDepartmentId in ( ace7f0e7-f158-4587-920d-e76546885198 , bf421a22-786b-40fd-8af...

  • Sql server queries and reports errors based on date type

    the data sent from the front desk is of date type, and then query how to report such an error in the field of date type of sql server database based on this data: ,date : : : ...

  • Code color problem in ssms?

    I am using SSMS2017, this version (perhaps earlier version has) has a function, that is, after the cursor is punctuated to something (variable, field, table name, etc.), the same string nearby will be highlighted, such as figure: " " >> similar func...

  • MySQL Query : SELECT * FROM `codeshelper`.`v9_news` WHERE status=99 AND catid='6' ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5
    MySQL Error : Disk full (/tmp/#sql-temptable-64f5-10c396d-47c4.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device")
    MySQL Errno : 1021
    Message : Disk full (/tmp/#sql-temptable-64f5-10c396d-47c4.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device")
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